Mikrotik Chain Explanation in Mangle: Input, Forward, PREROUTING, etc.

Differences and explanations Mikrotik Chain Input, Output, Forward, PREROUTING, and POSTROUTING will be discussed in the article on the blog Mikrotik Indonesia below.

forward :

- Used to process the data packets passing through the router , the connection happens from the public to the local
- Connection happens from local to public
with provisions without any process in the router , it means the connection is direct and just ride through the router nothing happens in a process in the router .

input :

- Used to process packets entering the router through one of the interfaces with the destination IP address is one of the router's address . Chain input allows you to restrict access to the configuration of the Mikrotik Router .
- Connection of local happens to the router and ends at the router
example : the use of an internal proxy ( proxy internal router palace right in its place )

output :

- Used to process the data packets coming from the router and leave through one interface , the connection happens from the router to the public .
- Connection happens to the local router .
means the connection created by the router itself that asks ( router needs it , instead of local / public ) , for example: the result of an internal proxy proxy to be sent to the client .

prerouting :

Pre routing means that the connection will enter the router ( do not care where / depending on the setting of the mangle in his intercafe later )
This connection will be processed in the router , can the process of bending to external proxy , port filtering can , can what 's it, basically there is a process , now it marked prerouting connection prior to the process.

postrouting :

Postrouting is going out the router connection after the process in the router .


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